Additional Fees

Difficult $30.00

Includes,  but is not limited to: requiring 2 people to handle and restrain pet for  grooming due to constant struggling or biting through a muzzle, or continual  defecation or urination, which requires disinfecting and cleanup after each  incident. 

No  Show Fee $50.00

Per  incident.  Applied after 30 minutes &  appointment will likely be cancelled, because the length of time to get your pet done is gone.  No  advance notice? Not only does a no show cause us an income loss, it also  prevents us from reallocating our time to other areas of our business. 

Late Fee $15.00

Per every 15 minutes  Arriving  late causes us to get behind and becomes an inconvenience for our other clients  because their appointment becomes delayed and causes further delays as the day  goes on

Non-Sufficient Fund Check Fee    $15.00

ear hair pulled if  applicable to breed, ears flushed, wiped, & dried. Cotton balls placed to prevent noise pollution from high velocity dryer and to absorb any extra  fluids.
3% Payment by Credit/Debit Card - if have to key in by hand/over phone rate is 3.75% +.15 cents.