Cat Services

Cat Grooming Services​

Cats are NOT Dogs. Cat grooming is inherently as dangerous activity for groomers to perform as 80% of a bite or scratch from a cat will lead to an infection that can land a groomer/veterinarian/veterinary nurse in the hospital with surgical scraping of infection off tendons of the hand and intravenous antibiotics.   Most groomers are unwilling to take the risk, do not have the understanding of cat behavior, nor do they have the experience working with cats.
These prices are estimates only and may be subject to change (less or more) based our groomer's opinion of the strongest breed characteristics your pet exhibits - including, but not limited to:  weight, temperament, coat condition, and etc.

Nail Trim Only     $12.00

Bath & Brush     $75.00

Comb,  Brush, &  Nail Trim Only     $40.00

Lion  Cut     $85.00

#10 Clip from back of head down  body to the elbows, hocks, and tail – leave a lion tip, bare tail, or full tail

Length Cut     $95.00

(results are not as smooth as a lion cut and it takes longer to perform the cut)
Snap On Comb Clip full body with various lengths available, can include tail done after bath, dry, and brush